GCC Hotel And Club

Conference -Terms

  1. The package rate shall be billed separately for food, service and accommodation. Taxes will be charged as applicable.
  2. Billing shall be done as per guarantee / confirmed guest rooms / apartment bookings, irrespective of late check-ins and early check-outs.
  3. In case of arrival of guests less than the numbers confirmed, the billing shall be done as per the guarantee / confirmed booking of guest rooms / apartments.
  4. In case arrival of additional guests, additional guest rooms / apartments will be provided subjected to availability, otherwise extra beds will be provided.
  5. Participants staying beyond the conference dates or early check-in, shall be billed as per room occupancy status.
  6. 50% of the estimated bill is payable in advance if the total billing is above Rs. 5 lacs.
  7. 50% of estimated bill is payable if the conference is canceled / postponed within 15 days from the confirmed date.
  8. Airport transfers / pickups or drops shall be charged on actual.
  9. Laundry charges is Rs. 100/- per pair of clothes.
  10. For separate dining, additional Rs. 100/- per guest shall be charged.
  11. For separate tea service, additional Rs. 50/- per guest shall be charged.
  12. Additional Starters or any additional dishes will be charged as per actual.
  13. Apartment guests are required to pay additional Rs.150/- per guest for use of swimming pool
  14. The conference hall will be allotted as per the number of guests attending conference.
  15. Day conference timings are 09.00 a.m. to 05.30 p.m. Every additional hour shall be charged Rs. 1500/- per hour.